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What Equipment Do You Need for Satellite Internet?

Getting equipment for your rural Internet service is easy. Plus, with HughesNet high-speed Internet, you can get flexible options to fit your budget. Choose to lease your satellite Internet equipment, or purchase your equipment to keep over the years.

Here are the satellite Internet tools use to get online with HughesNet Internet service:

HughesNet satellite

HughesNet uses ground-breaking satellites to provide high-speed Internet service to more people than ever before. All you need in order to access great satellite Internet is a clear view of the southern sky. Even in rural settings, the high-tech satellite signal can reach your home.

HughesNet primarily uses one satellite in geosynchronous orbit to connect users to the Web: the EchoStar XVII with Jupiter high-throughput technology.

Satellite dish

The next important piece of equipment for satellite Internet service is your home’s satellite dish. This will be mounted by your local HughesNet-authorized installation professional and will give you access to high-speed Internet. The signal from the satellite in space to your satellite dish will be verified during the installation process.


After the satellite dish is mounted to or around your home, it can be connected through a coaxial cable to the room where the modem will be located. The modem will interpret the satellite signal and communicate with your computer.

PC or Mac

Another essential part of your satellite Internet equipment is your PC or Mac. HughesNet Gen 4 satellite Internet works great with both PC and Mac operating systems. Both systems can communicate with your modem to connect to the Web. Connect your PC or Mac so you can start surfing the Web in no time.

Wireless router (optional)

Some satellite Internet providers may suggest that you use a wireless router with your rural Internet service. These routers allow for multiple devices to be connected on one home Internet network. Depending on the plan you choose for your home, you could get the whole family connected at once.

Wireless device (optional)

If you choose a wireless router for your home, pair wireless rural Internet service with your favorite device. Wi-Fi in your home is possible with any device of your choice—laptops, e-readers, tablets, and more!

Check off this list to get a great satellite Internet browsing experience that will be perfect for your high-tech home and high-speed lifestyle.

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