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How to Test Your Internet Speed

HughesNet offers customers two tests to check their Internet speed. The Web Response Test and the Speed Test evaluate the browsing and download speeds of the network.

Go to the HughesNet Performance Testing website and enter your SAN or site ID to access both tests. After each test, HughesNet will provide results and determine if there is an error with your system.

Web Response Test

The Web Response Test looks at the time it takes to load a website into your web browser. It will allow HughesNet to determine if your system experiences slow browsing.

All tests are conducted from one website. This means you can use it be used to benchmark the results you receive from the test, and then confirm that changes were made during troubleshooting.

Perform this test at least five times during a session in order to receive the most accurate results.

Speed Test

The Speed Test measures the upload and download speeds of your system. To perform this test, you must have Sun Java version 1.4 or higher, which can be found on the testing website. Like the Web Response Test, perform this test at least five times.

A tip for the most accurate tests

For the most precise results, close all applications not required for the tests. No e-mail programs or unused Internet browsers should be open and running.

How to get the fastest Internet

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