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How Do I Reset My HughesNet Modem?

When you order HughesNet satellite Internet, you won’t have to hassle with cables and wires. The Internet service provider in your area will send a HughesNet-authorized installer to your home with all the necessary equipment – including a modem. The professional will mount a satellite dish and install your modem. In no time, you’ll have wireless Internet for your home, even if you live in a rural area.

HughesNet Customer Care

The installer will also activate your modem and help you register at On this website, you’ll find HughesNet Customer Care, where you can:

Connect your computer to the HughesNet modem

To connect to the modem in your home, simply use a PCMCIA adapter with an Ethernet connection or a 10/100 Ethernet Network Interface Card. When you receive your modem, you’ll also get an Ethernet cable that can be used to connect [what with what?]. Don’t be overwhelmed – a HughesNet-authorized professional will take care of the entire satellite Internet installation process for you, including the modem setup.

Reset your modem

Reset your HughesNet modem literally at the touch of a button. You’ll find the reset button either on the back or at the base of your modem, depending on which model you have. Because the button is extremely small, you might need to use something pointed to hold the button, such as a toothpick or a ballpoint pen.

Hold the button down until all the lights on the modem turn off and then back on. If your modem model does not have a reset button, simply unplug the modem. Plug it back in after at least one minute.

Order HughesNet satellite Internet

Call a HughesNet Internet service provider in your area today to get affordable high-speed Internet anywhere in the country. Thanks to advanced satellite technology, HughesNet provides faster speeds than dial-up and reaches homes that cable Internet can’t.

Multiple users can log on at once to stream music, download movies, and upload photos. You’ll always be able to contact HughesNet customer service representatives. And as long as you have a clear view of the southern sky, you’ll have access to high-speed Internet with HughesNet.

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