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What can I expect from a HughesNet professional installation?

After your order is placed, prepare for your installation appointment

At the time of your HughesNet service order, an installation appointment is typically arranged to fit your schedule. Often, an installation appointment is available the next day. Be sure to check the availability of next-day installation when you speak with a customer service representative!

Here are a few steps to make sure your home is prepared for the installation:

Confirm the installation appointment

Know where you want the modem to be installed

Confirm that your computer is compatible and meets these minimum requirements:

Verify that you have an area on your roof that is able to accommodate a satellite dish

Make sure you can be home for the entire installation process

The HughesNet installation process

  1. Your installation professional will arrive with all the equipment needed for your new Internet service.
  2. Your local installation technician will mount your satellite dish on an approved structure that is at least 4 feet off the ground for the safety of small children. This can be done with a roof or wall-mounted bracket.
  3. The technician will then install a coaxial cable jack in the room where your HughesNet system will be housed.
  4. Two exterior RG-6 coaxial cables will be routed from the satellite dish to your coaxial cable jack.
  5. The satellite Internet signal will then be monitored by your installation professional. They will verify that your satellite signal is in working order and ready to use!

Items NOT included in a standard installation

HughesNet customers may sometimes want to customize their high-speed satellite Internet installation to specific requirements. The following enhancements may be added on to your order or purchased directly from an independent HughesNet installer, and all costs will be itemized.

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